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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  January 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> tonight the first official glimpse of what issues state lawmakers may tackle during this year's legislative session as governor martin o'malley lays out his agenda. we began with session 2011 coverage in the state house in annapolis. >> the governor outlined this year's legislative agenda, and jobs certainly topped the list. millions of dollars are headed to the invest maryland initiative which is expected to create thousands of jobs. o'malley is also focusing on green jobs. legislation introduced today promoted the use of electric vehicles in the state. the governors' agenda includes public safety initiatives and leading the implementation of federal health-care reform. also, medical marijuana was a hot topic today as montello williams spoke in annapolis. kai reed was there. >> some of us don't even have
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the ability to get to the battlefield, but we don't want to be considered a criminal. >> former talk-show host and maryland native montello williams broke down several times as he talked about his struggle with multiple sclerosis and the pain he endorse every day. he says he uses marijuana twice a day to manage his pain. >> i have been living with neuropathy pain in my lower extremities, my face, and my side, 14 years, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. it does not go away. >> he was advocating for the legalization of marijuana in the state of maryland. a bill we introduced this week almost identical to the one that passed the senate by a vote of 35-12 the last legislative session but stalled in the house. under the bill, marijuana would have to be prescribed by a position to a patient who is
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registered with the state. it would be grown in a state facility and dispensed through licensed facilities such as a pharmacy. proponents say it is about improving the quality of life of patients who are sick or dying, but one recovering attic disagrees. >> this is not about sick people. if it were about six people, they would be lobbying the food and drug administration. if it is a good drug, let's get it on the market like we do every other drug. this is about legalizing it. >> he does not support the bill but thinks it will pass in maryland, just as similar ones have been 14 other states, including new jersey. williams said he will help fight to make sure that happens. >> i will come back here to the state to help be administered this. i will help you put together the regulations to stop making the mistakes that other states have made and help you form a system that patients can get off the battlefield and start living a life like everybody else.
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>> the writers of this legislation say it has broad bipartisan support from every geographic area of the state and they feel confident in its chances of passing. >> remember to stay with us throughout session 2011. we'll have reports from annapolis every day and a wealth of information available online at the state comptroller was sworn in for his second term. the democrat won 61% of votes in november's election. he said maryland needs a comprehensive review of spending it of the state and local levels. -- at both the state and local levels. >> president obama announced his date of the union address will not focus on cuts. obama is expected to put the spending on infrastructure, education, and research during his speech tomorrow night -- put
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the emphasis on infrastructure, education, and research. >> we have a mind-boggling figure. >> president obama is calling for bipartisan cooperation. he invited new members of congress to a party at the white house tonight. you can catch the state of the union speech right here live on wbal-tv at 9:00 tomorrow evening. there will bring you live coverage of the event beginning at 5:00 p.m. stocks soared today as the dow marched toward the 12,000 mark. it gained about 108 points, closing less than 20 points from that 12,000 mark. the s&p 500 finished up the day about 7.5. if you are looking for jobs, geography may be on your side. >> a new survey ranked baltimore as one of the best
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areas in the country. >> maryland's unemployment rate continues to hover below the national average and some say that position maryland and baltimore as prime places to land a job in the coming months. this is one of those challenges and one of those moments when we have to remember what unites us as americans. >> the president is expected to stress unity and to date -- in tuesday's state of the union address and offer a solution to a common challenge shared by many americans, and employment. >> they want to get rid of those tax breaks and reward people for sending jobs overseas and work with the private sector to create jobs in the united states of america. >> as politicians debate the best way to create jobs across the country, two news service offering heard but for maryland. ranks of the war as
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the fourth hottest city in the country for job-seekers. -- ranks baltimore as the fourth hottest city in the country. >> we are blessed by geography. >> economists note that health care itn particular is poised to boom. -- help carei.t. in particular is poised to boom -- health care i.t. in 2011, companies will turn away from job cutting and begin to hire at the highest rate in .ver a decade picked firms are sitting on unheralded amounts of cash on the sidelines, waiting to figure out what they are going to do. >> there are no quick fixes for
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job-seekers. that is why continuing education programs are booming as many pursue a career change, often switching to the health care and i t industries. >> family and friends together to say their final goodbyes to a fallen hero. baltimore county volunteer andkenhanr mark falco was laid to rest -- mark fakenahn was laid to rest. >> and unruly passenger created some tense moments on a flight to london today. the flight was diverted and escorted to the ground by two royal air force jets. a british national was arrested when the plane landed. officials said afterwards that at no point were passengers in danger, although officials were
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on high alert because the event unfolded not long after an airport bombing in russia. more than 30 people were killed and that massive suicide bombing attack on one of the busiest airports in europe. more than 100 injured. andrea mitchell now has more on the attack and who may be behind it. >> the craddick baggage area look like a battlefield -- crowded baggage area looked like a battlefield. one suicide bomber set off a bomb with the equivalent of 15 pounds of tnt. security was like. an eyewitness saw a man walking in with a suitcase and shot, i will kill you all. >> i just raised my head, and here came the blast. there were many cries and someone shouted. this was followed by the explosion. i saw the suitcase on fire. >> a terrible side, i wish i had never seen it.
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>> officials cordoned off the scene from the terminal. >> just hours after this horrid the attack, the airport is functioning and back on its feet, but it will take longer to heal the personal pain and restore russia's stability. >> president dmitry medvedev went on television to offer reassurance. >> we will take all steps in conducting this investigation so that we get information that so that we can pursue the investigation while the trail is still warm. >> on twitter, he promised security will be tightened at all of russia's air ports and major transport hubs. terrorism experts immediately suspected rebels from chechnya. attacks on to express trains in november of 2009, and in 2004, the suicide bombings of two passenger planes mid-air by two female terrorist who boarded
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from the same airport. >> it seems like this is consistent with previous attacks, looking to kill as many people as possible and in the process embarrass the bad debt of government. >> no one group has claimed responsibility. the offices of algeciras were vandalized during a protest over leaked documents -- offices al-jazeera.of >> the man accused of being behind the tragedy in tucson entered not guilty to charges that he tried to kill congresswoman gabrielle giffords and two of our aids. 13 were wounded and six people were killed. if his attorneys use mental competency as a defense and are successful, he could be sent to
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a mental health facility instead of being sentenced to prison or death. a cruise ship comes to the rescue of some stranded voters and it is caught on camera -- stranded voters. >> the annual polar bear plunge is almost here. some students will get a chance to take an icy did with one very cool guest. >> more questions raised tonight in the case of two jewish brothers accused in the beating death of an african-american teenager. >> bitter cold continues to grip much of the nation, leading to this unusual sight. >> the arctic air is beginning to retreat a bit as the new storm makes its approach. right now, 27 at the airport, 2a
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>> and amazing rescue at sea, all caught on camera. three florida men set out a distress call somewhere near cuba. luckily a carnival cruise ship spotted the disabled boat and managed to rescue everybody up on board. the boat had to be left behind, which was difficult for its owner, who says it was also his home.
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>> at the end of the day, it is just stuff. >> a row got caught -- our rope got caught in the boat's propeller. >> a baby kidnapped with three years ago from a new york hospital was reunited with her biological family. tonight, a confession. ann pettway was being held without bail after surrendering to authorities. she reportedly suffered several miscarriages before taking the baby. back in baltimore, it was a day of protest. about double -- about a dozen people gathered outside the courthouse, furious about the handling of the case of two jewish brothers accused of assaulting an african american teenager.
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>> this is not fair, nor is it equal. >> outside mitchell court house, members of the black media group along with civil and human rights activists called on the city state's attorney to clarify his handling of the case against the light werdesheim and his brother avi -- eli werdesheim and his brother avi. a group of protesters also called for response. they want the citizens' patrol group shomrim disbanded. >> one thing we are particularly concerned with is the disparity between the treatment of the upper part heights neighborhood in terms of what is done to the lower part heights area. >> last week prosecutors dropped the felony assault
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charge against it like werdesheim. he and his brother are accused in the 2010 beating of an african-american boys. he claims he was attacked while walking along vostok's wrote in a predominately jewish neighborhood. he was hit in the head with radio and suffered broken ribs. werdesheim claims he acted in self-defense. the state's attorney says he will not comment on any pending case. >> i don't think it is fair to the victim or to the defendant. it is important that we prosecute cases in the courtroom. >> attorneys for the werdesheim brothers also cautioned against calling for action and rushing to judgment. >> at this stage of the proceedings, allegations are simply that. they are not facts. we will not know the facts and to we have had an opportunity to have a hearing on the matter, to have a full-blown trial. >> would contact a spokesman for the group -- we contacted a
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spokesman for the group shomrim. he said it would not be appropriate to comment. >> much of the northeast is being covered with snow and ice. it appears the rear window was busted in the process of chiseling out this car. >> it is horrible out. >> of the last several years, this is going to rank as one of the coldest. >> our area is certainly dealing with the bitter cold as well. a 54-inch water main broke in prince george's county, forcing the closure of some planes. ice froze 3 feet off the ground in some places. tonight everything is back to normal in that area. >> now, your insta-weather
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forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the cold as of this arctic air is beginning to retreat. the temperatures have been nearly steady rector the evening as a warm front trust to make its way into our region -- nearly steady throughout the evening. it was eight degrees early in the morning at bwi marshall, 29 during the afternoon. those numbers are short of the normal soap 41 and 23. it will not be that cold tomorrow morning. -- short of the normals of 41 and 23. look at it icebox of western maryland. 1200 out near deep creek lake -- 12 below zero out near deep creek lake. it is still 27 at the airport, so that is not much of a temperature drop. 30 at in western maryland, 41 in the mountains of west virginia.
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the war front has triggered some clouds and scattered sprinkles and flurries -- the warm front has triggered some clouds. we will start the morning off with clouds, not as cold, 18-25 early on on tuesday morning. this little weather system in the great lakes is trying to push the arctic air out of your of the new storm develops down on the gulf coast. the retreating arctic air will be caught up by this storm the gulf coast. how much of the cold air is left will determine the kind of weather we have to deal with here on wednesday. it will be a mixed bag of precipitation. not tomorrow, we will just be in and out of the clouds tomorrow. probably hitting 40 degrees in many areas, and then the rain starts to advance into central virginia. no problems tomorrow. it is early in the morning on wednesday when that messy mix starts to develop across our region.
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a mixed bag of sleet, snow, and freezing rain around baltimore. that will continue into the evening and then it changes to all snow as the storm begins to pull away. our chances for snow accumulation will be primarily late afternoon wednesday into wednesday night before the storm pulls away on thursday morning. the heavy snows will be out in the mountains up into parts of pennsylvania and along the coastal areas of new england. we have a shot at several inches of snow wednesday night as the cold air comes back in from the west. partly cloudy and not as cold tomorrow. 34 with snow showers near deep creek tomorrow. around the bay, with sun and clouds mixed, it should hit the 40 degree mark. up to 45 rounds no hill and ocean city and dig around snow
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hill an ocean city. -- up to 45 a route snow hill and ocean city. the skies clear out on thursday with a gusty wind, chilly temperatures but not as cold, with the first -- with a few flurries on friday and saturday. >> i am really excited. i get really excited all night and i have to calm myself down. >> she and more than 300 students from arundel high school will plunge into the frigid waters of the chesapeake with the ravens quarterback, joe flacco. raised $20,000 toa raise money for special olympics athletes. thousands will plunge into the bay this saturday for the 15th annual polar bear plunge, including our own lowell melser as well as jennifer franciotti.
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it will see their stories and learn how you can help by logging onto >> the ravens did not achieve their ultimate team goal this year, but three players picked up top individual honors today. we'll show you where the spotlight shined, next in sports. >> tonight's jackpot has an estimated annuity of $500,000. your numbers for this monday are 42-11-14-33-3-43. if no one matches all six numbers on one line of a
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ticket, the jackpot climbs to $525,000. the next drawing is thursday night at 11:22 here on wbal-tv 11. the maryland lottery, let yourself play.
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>> the nfl all-pro honors go to the best player at his position in the entirely.
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the ravens join the new england patriots as the only organization to put three players on this year's all-pro team. the defensive linemen heads the list for the ravens. the voting comes from the media, not fans are players. this time all-pro for reaed. billy cundiff will spend his owl. in hawaii at the pro bal recovery the arbors using sonar reportedly believe they have located the body write and read in the mississippi river. he was last seen driving into that river and january 7. they have not recovered the body at. ed reed remains with his family in louisiana.
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it turned into one of the season's best basketball games for the tigers at towson center. they lost 80-76. last year the tigers lost by 59 points. joey rodriguez got 28 points. 17 lead changes in this one. the tigers missed three chances to tie the game. bcu hangs on to beat the tigers 8-76. the wizards have a monopoly on road misery. they fell to zero and 21, losing to the knicks at madison square garden. he did not realize he had his pants on backwards until the
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game started. he had to hide behind his teammates to turn them around. here comes new york. the knicks came into the game on a six-game losing streak, but they snapped back. the knicks beat the wizards, 115-106. a better not for new york teams than those in the nation's capital. scoreless in the second, matt hendricks strikes from close range. the game was tied after regulation and after overtime. he keeps the capitals pace, but a backhanded pass, and the rangers win it in the shootout
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over the caps. tom tasselmyer with a quickly tom tasselmyer with a quickly changing
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>> brutally cold arctic air is leaving. would you rather it be brutally cold and dry, or a little bit milder three g e have absolutely no choice. that storm on the gulf coast headed northeast into that
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purple air mass over the northeast. some of it will be left behind, but tomorrow, a 30-degree day. it will almost feel like summertime. the storm approaches late tomorrow night. changing to freezing rain and then back to snow wednesday night when a few inches may accumulate. then it clears out on thursday. 35-40 degrees friday into saturday. thanks for joining us tonight. jay leno is up next. have a good night, everybody. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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